Hello Everyone. Thank you for visiting my Project Wave of Optimism (WOO) volunteer page. My latest project is raising money for Project WOO in Nicaragua. My friend Bo Fox recently joined their organization as Program Manager and Surf 'N’ Serve Leader and I felt compelled to be a part of this program after a simple visit to their website. When I found out that there was a voluntourism program….that's all she wrote! Project WOO believes that as travelers, we have an obligation to positively impact the places we visit.  Project WOO is focused on sustainable community development in rural coastal villages of Latin America, specifically where surf culture and tourism is growing in these small communities.   Through community driven action, Project WOO has supported the community of Gigante to launch various projects, including a bus project to provide reliable transportation for high school students to school, various supplemental education programs, a school well providing fresh drinking water to the students, and many other projects.  
Project WOO’s background in sustainable community development has laid the perfect foundation for all levels of volunteer participation.  They work with their volunteers to identify their particular skill sets and match them to the needs of the community to facilitate the most rewarding and impactful volunteer experience. Through Project WOO’s holistic approach to development (please see About WOO and Why We Are Different), WOO has helped the community of Gigante (check this link for a map) identify, design, and implement various community-driven development projects. These projects serve as the platform for their volunteer programs.
I have decided on the homestay where I will live with a Nicaraguan family for three weeks. Please donate today and help me raise money for this wonderful program that is making a DIFFERENCE in the world. Love & light, Rita Batiste   To make your tax deductible donation, click the 'donate' button below.  You will be taken to PayPal to complete your donation.  Thank you for your support!

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